Jan Johan

April 29, 2019

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Tiny Changes That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Like It Belongs In a Five-Star Hotel

The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, and in a hotel room, it’s the star.

There’s just something about the beds in places like Shangri La or the Ritz-Carlton hotels that scream indulgence and make you want to dive right into them.

From their exquisite linen sheets to the excessive number of pillows and cushions on the bed, everything about these heavenly nests have been designed for over-the-top comfort.

So the big question we have is this: How can we achieve the same look and feel with our own beds at home?

After conducting an in-depth investigation into the touches that make five-star hotel beds so darn inviting, we’ve narrowed down our findings to a handful of handy tips that you can replicate at home:

The More Pillows And Cushions, The Better.

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Once you’ve got your pillows (the ones you’ll actually sleep on) in place, have fun with throw cushions.

Take your throw cushion game to the next level by playing around with different shapes, colours and textures to create a plush, inviting look that you’ll want to dive into and spend more time in.

When it comes to recreating the look of luxury at home, the more pillows and cushions, the better.

It’s All About The Layers.

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Ever noticed how many layers there are in hotel beds?

Hotel beds typically use between 2-3 layers of sheets and quilt covers at a time, which is partially why hotel beds feel so “fluffy”.

You can make your bed look more expensive than it actually is by doing the same thing by adding a couple of extra covers and sheets.

One clever trick that hotels use to make their beds look as good as they do is to add an additional throw blanket for more texture and colour.

Overfill Your Pillows.

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A less obvious trick that hotels use to make their beds look irresistible is to overstuff their cushions and pillows.

Hotels do this to keep their pillows looking fresh, instead of lumpy and used.

You can do the same thing at home by getting additional pillow stuffing and using it to fill up your pillows for that luxurious five-star feeling.

Try “Triple-Sheeting”.

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Another thing five-star hotels do really well is folding their sheets.

There’s just something about the way every corner is tucked into the bed that makes them so satisfying to pull out and crawl under.

Want to recreate a similar look at home? Easy. Just use this hotel trick called ‘triple- sheeting’ where a thin blanket is layered in-between two starched sheets to make the bed feel crisp and snug when they are folded into the bed.

Using this technique will also help reduce the number of times your blanket needs to be washed, saving you time, water and money.

Add A Bed Skirt.

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With the help of a fitted bed skirt, hotels are able to hide exposed (and sometimes unsightly) bed legs or frames, giving the room a classier, cleaner look.

At home, we tend to use the space underneath our beds as storage space, so adding a bed skirt can help you make this happen more discreetly while giving your bed that gorgeous, five-star hotel look.

Keep Clutter To A Minimal.

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One obvious trick we can learn from hotels is to keep our rooms organized and clutter-free.

They also do a good job with not overdecorating their rooms so that these spaces don’t feel overwhelming or chaotic.

After all, their customers are paying for luxury and calm.

By doing this, it also keeps the bed as the main focus of the room, which in turn, makes it look extra comfortable and inviting.

You can do the same by keeping your space organized and storing away everything else that you don’t use every day.

Get Artistic.

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Pay close attention and you’ll notice that hotels often use art to make their rooms feel more intimate and inviting.

At home, the bedroom is the perfect place to showcase your personality or works of art that inspire you.

Here’s a little-known fact: Hotels often use artwork to trick your brain into associating art with luxury, which means you’re more likely to feel good in rooms with paintings or images hung on the wall.  

You don’t have to score a Picasso to create this same effect at home though — all it takes is a piece of art that you love, plus a spot above your bed so that you’ll get to be inspired by it every day.

While staying in a five-star hotel can be expensive, transforming your bedroom so that it looks like one shouldn’t have to be an expensive affair.

All it takes is a couple of affordable touches and regular decluttering to achieve the same effect.

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