Jan Johan

February 28, 2019

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The Breakup Clean-Up: Why You Need To Do It

Breakups suck.

Sometimes we might see them coming, but the worst ones are those that come from right under our noses without warning.

They’re emotionally taxing, time-consuming, and they somehow always find a way to affect other aspects of our personal and professional lives.

Especially if we were living with our partners during the relationship. A breakup can turn our living spaces into painful reminders of their absence and old memories, making even the slightest thing in our house potentially triggering, possibly sending us into a spiral of depression.

Whenever we’re dealing with a breakup, the only way to truly heal from it is by forcing ourselves to confront the emotions and to take things day-by-day.

Although getting over the initial mourning period of a breakup will take some time and personal space, here are some ways we can kick start the healing process early with the breakup clean-up.

Assess the damage.

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The first — and arguably the most challenging — thing to do is to start by purging our surroundings of all the things that could potentially remind us of our ex.

There’s no need to throw these things in the trash right away. We could instead keep them boxed up somewhere until we have a better idea of what to do with them later.

But the important thing to do here is to cleanse our environment of things that no longer serve us.

As the mother of all cleaning up Marie Kondo would say: “Does this spark joy?”

And if it doesn’t, we should get rid of it to allow other positive and joyful things occupy our space.

Even if you’re not a millennial, perhaps its time to adopt this generation’s mantra: “Thank you, next” (courtesy of Ariana Grande), and start moving on to newer and better things.

Create a space you truly deserve.

Having a new look at home can give us a sense of renewed energy that is crucial when trying to get a fresh start.

Our surroundings can look and feel completely different simply by rearranging a few pieces of furniture around.

A fresh start is always helpful because it opens us up to receiving new experiences, and the chance at making more memories.

For some budget-friendly and easy-to-follow ideas that can help rejuvenate your home, check out our free IKEA- Inspired Living Space ebook, to help redefine your space just for you.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Breakups can be rough, but they don’t have to be messy. We must never underestimate the power of what a few new home decorations can do to the overall feeling of our space.

Getting a new rug, some wall decorations, or even a couple of centrepieces can give our homes a whole new feel to it.

For some fun home design hacks, check out our list of things you can do to completely transform your living space without breaking the bank.

Redecorating our space gives us an opportunity to reinvest and show ourselves some love by reclaiming our living spaces and making it our own once again.

Which also makes this the perfect time to buy that thing we’ve always wanted to get, but didn’t because our exes said so.

Consider plant parenthood.

Getting a pet for ourselves after a breakup might sound like a good idea in the heat of the moment. But it’s incredibly important that we’re up for all the responsibilities that come along with having one.

If getting a pet ends up being something we really REALLY want, always remember:

Adopt, don’t shop.

On the other hand, if a pet is starting to sound like too much responsibility to take on, consider getting a plant instead.

There are many benefits to getting plants for our homes. They brighten up the area, purify the air, and are known to improve our overall wellbeing by reducing stress levels.

And just like a real pet, plants are also in need of regular care and attention in order for them to grow.

Having a living thing at home to care for and nurture can be a good and cathartic outlet to help us release our pent up energy and emotions.

Burn, baby burn.

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As we all know, our sense of smell is closely linked to how we remember things — which is why it is a good idea to use new scents when trying to cleanse our home from painful memories.

Burning sage is both a good way of cleaning the air in our home, as well as expelling negative energy.

Although burning sage is often associated with spiritual and shamanistic practices, some recent studies have shown that sage functions as an antibacterial and an antimicrobial purifier, making it a natural insect and bacteria repellant.

When burning sage, it is believed that the smoke attaches itself to the negative energy in the area, and as it clears, it carries the negative energy away with it.

Incorporating some Feng Shui into our homes is another way to get rid of bad energy. Understanding how to arrange our space in an optimal position to receive good energy can give us a sense of calm and relief.

Check out our post on Feng Shui and find out how you can do the same.

Tune out to dial in.

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As important as it is to attend to our external surroundings during a breakup, it’s also important for us to have an internal “clean-up” as well.

Things that may seem completely unrelated to our breakup can somehow bring up complicated emotions that we have to deal with on the spot.

It takes a lot of energy out of us when we’re sad and angry over things that have already happened in the past.

So why not use that energy and put it into more productive things in our lives like our health and career?

Distractions help us get our minds off things. And in the moment of going through our post-breakup woes, perhaps some distractions are exactly what we need after all?

When we say distractions, we mean “healthy distractions” like exercising, meditating, or spending time on self-care.

Activities like these give us a healthy dose of endorphins and serotonin that are a helpful and natural remedy our bodies make to reduce pain and stress levels.

Keep looking ahead.

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The reality is that no matter how painful and bleak things seem in the moment, everything (even the pain) is only temporary. The world keeps spinning, and things keep moving forward.

Eventually, we all grow out of the experience, and maybe we might even learn a couple of things along the way.

At the end of the day, WE have to be the ones to be there for ourselves when things are tough. It’s never the wrong time to show ourselves some love and appreciation. But everything starts with us and our surroundings.

It’s time to start cleaning up, both emotionally and literally.

For some practical and budget-friendly tips to help you get started, you can check out our free IKEA – Inspired Living Space ebook, that will help you claim back your personal space just for you.