December 4, 2017

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Thank You for 2017 and Happy Holidays!

We are entirely grateful to our wonderful, vibrant and sometimes even very witty customers who love beautiful pieces in their house. We appreciate all the cooperation, kindness and the pet pictures you have shared with the CW team. These customers have allowed us to go so far and make us excited to continue on our journey.

The CW team wants to wish everyone happy holidays and a beautiful New Years. May it be filled with interesting people, delicious food and beautiful slipcovers! We will be taking a one-week break, as we also still have to do our own last minute shopping for holiday gifts and ensuring the house is spick and span for our sometimes-judgmental family members.

Not to worry, some of us will occasionally drop in to reply your emails between 22nd Dec to January 2nd. We’ll all be back on the January 3rd and 2018 will bring exciting new videos, new fabrics and new products!

For now, here are some of our favourite customers reviews and revamped sofa’s in Comfort Works slipcovers to give you ‘room inspiration’ for 2018!

Our Favourite Slipcovers

Solsta Sofa bed Slipcover in Lino Brushed
Karlstad 3 Seater Slipcover in Rouge Emerald with tufting details
Karlstad 3 seater Slipcover in Kino Sunset and Bailey Wood Legs 150mm
Manstad Sofa Bed Slipcover in Shire Teal
Custom Long Skirt Norsborg Sectional Slipcover in Kino Navy

Our Favourite Reviews

We are so happy with our sofa cover. Try as they might, our toddler and
army of household pets have not been able to destroy this sofa cover. Also,
my mother-in-law, who in the past has politely/silently/passive
aggressively refused to sit on this couch before its makeover, came right
in and sat down without ever realizing it was the same sofa. It was a huge
personal victory for me. Thank you for providing a way for us to
fashionably help the planet. Never has decreasing our carbon footprint
looked so fancy. Best of luck to your wonderful company.
Melanie B.

I had a custom slipcover made for my love seat. This custom Comfort Works cover actually fits better than the original slipcover that came with the sofa 15 years ago! I don’t have any of the the problems with cushions sliding or the cover slipping like the original did. It is amazing.

My love seat has a lot of intricate curves and edges–all of them were accommodated to a tee. I don’t know how they do it, but the job is amazing and the price is crazy economical. Fabric is high quality and durable enough for my dog to jump all over without fear of wear and tear. Thank you Comfort Works! Love you guys!
Marguerite G.

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Happy holidays!