July 26, 2015

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Soderhamn Sofa in Mid Century Legs - Comfort Works

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Exciting news guys! Following the IKEA Sofa Legs review last week, we’re proud to announce the launch of our very own mid-century sofa legs for your IKEA sofas, armchairs and cabinets.

Check out these new bad boys in action here:

Soderhamn Sofa in Mid Century Legs - Comfort Works
Soderhamn Sofa in Bailey Mid-Century Legs – Comfort Works

Karlstad in Urbanskin Leather Covers and Mid-century Legs Jager

Introducing 3 Furniture Leg Designs

Always wanted to disguise your IKEA Sofa or hide its default legs? Well there’s no need for that now; Comfort Works will be introducing 3 sofa leg designs in 2 colours and 2 heights – that’s 12 combinations for you. All of it would have the option of a Beech or Cherry colour, as well as a tall or regular option (ranges from 135mm/5.3inches to 170mm/6.9inches). So it really comes down to personal preference into building the best aesthetics for your living space. Here’s a direct comparison between the two:

Beech vs Cherry Wood
Beech vs Cherry Wood

Funny story, whilst brainstorming names for these furniture legs we were actually at a bar so you might find these names pretty interesting. Let’s see which design suits your sofa or furniture the most first shall we?

pyramidal jager legs

If you know German, you’d know straightaway how befitting these legs are named. A strong, solid pyramidal shape that looks like it’ll never break a sweat – “Jager” means hunter so if you’re looking for a pair of legs that will allow your furniture to stand out and destroy the competition, Jager is the way to go.

full tapered square legs

Next comes Walker – I don’t know why but I keep imagining the Walker from Star Wars, which are basically these mechanical 4 legged beasts with skinny stilted legs. And they shoot lasers of course. In all seriousness, the Walker gives a classier and more refined look as compared to the Jager, basically it’s a slimmed down version with a more subdued effect.

full round tapered legs

Lastly (for now), probably the most sought after type of “mid-century legs” are the full round tapered legs we call “Bailey”. Just like the drink, it’s just super smooth and incredibly pleasing to the senses. It’s probably not the most manly drink but it does taste freakin’ good. Don’t judge me, here’s a few more shots of the Bailey in action.

mid century sofa legs
Soderhamn sofa with Bailey Mid Century Legs
Soderhamn sofa with Bailey Legs – and a dinosaur of course

How do the legs work?

So here comes the more technical bits. After doing a bit of research we realised that most of IKEA’s legs come with something called an “M8 bolt”. To explain this simply, there are a specific set of IKEA models which our legs would work for, and they are:

Karlstad, Karlsfors, Klippan, Ektorp, Soderhamn, Solsta, Stocksund, Strandmon, Sandby, Klobo, Härnösand, Säter, Ystad, Landskrona, Dagarn, Oleby, Tidafors.

When in doubt, feel free to contact us at to check 🙂

After you’ve made your purchase with us, you’ll get these nicely packaged and each of them would have a screwcap on. Fitting is as easy as:

  • Taking the cap off
  • Screwing the legs on

Fitting-Legs instructions

Where do I get my furniture legs?

So these legs will be going at US$11-14 each, basically all of the products mentioned above in their various colour and heights can be purchased here:

So once again, we hope that we’ve helped make many of your decisions to get slipcovers from us a lot easier – given the fact that we now conveniently have pretty awesome sofa legs to match. They aren’t the fanciest, but they’re as practical and down-to-earth as we always like to be.

Live Beautiful. Live Simple.

Where's the Dinosaur
Where’s the Dinosaur


ikea furniture legs on kallax
Walker – Mid-Century Wooden furniture legs on IKEA Kallax