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  1. Gabriela
    Gabriela at |

    Do you have slipcovers for the Ikea Manstad yet? Your blog post said July so I was wondering when will it be available.



  2. Rosana
    Rosana at |

    Amazing! How do I get one to Canada?

  3. Carol
    Carol at |

    Please confirm whether you deliver the Manstad slip covers in the US, more particularly in the Washington DC/Virginia area.


  4. nikita
    nikita at |

    PS my computer keeps blocking your site saying the iframes you are using is a trojan … you may have a virus in your javascript.


    please fix as Id like to purchase but cant access site!

  5. Evie
    Evie at |

    Hi. I would like to purchase the manstad cover. Are these available? Thank you.

  6. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hey Evie,

    Indeed they are! Just head over to our Manstad slipcover page and you can take your pick of 3 styles and numerous fabrics 🙂

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