December 14, 2012

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Upload photos of your sofa and get Free Shipping!

Hey there! Did you guys know about the on-going Free Shipping rebate currently running via Facebook?

The offer applies to all orders purchased from the website.

Criteria: 🙂

  • Take a photo of your couch before the your custom cover arrives and take another one once the covers been put on.
  • Upload both of them photos on to our Facebook page.

And that’s it! You can leave us your feedback if you’d like also (good or bad – though we generally prefer the warm and fluffy ones). The shipping fee for your order will be automatically credited but if we do forget, do drop us a note! 🙂

In case you haven’t ‘Liked’ us on Facebook, come in and say Hi! – we like gossiping about everything from how to bake chocolate cookies to cool DIY projects 🙂

Just as an example; here’s a cool before after photo from a customer – this was a leather non-ikea slipcover actually, the new cover was made in Lino Vintage (linen blend).


Custom made Sofa Slipcover - Comfort Works