July 28, 2018

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Dining Chair Covers With A Touch Of Luxury - Madison For Dining Chairs

As you all probably already know, we’ve just welcomed our brand new fabric addition to the family, the Madison premium cotton fabrics.

We’re super excited to add the Madison collection as an option for dining chair covers. Now, you can dine like royalty for a fraction of the price.

Spice up your dining area with brand new IKEA dining chair covers in this captivating piece of textile.  We can even have custom dining chair covers made for you, as well.

Madison X IKEA Dining Chairs

The Madison is a gorgeous, premium cotton fabric that’s not just soft but smooth and luxurious. And now, you can bring this luxury into the dining room!

Here are some pictures of our latest Madison dining chair covers for a couple of IKEA dining chairs that we work with:


IKEA Nils in Madison Rose Dining Chair Covers
IKEA Nils in Madison Rose

The IKEA Nils is a versatile chair that was made for the dining room but works anywhere in the house. It also has a cute bar-stool to go with it. We couldn’t decide which shade to make the IKEA Nils dining chair covers in and finally settled with Madison Rose. The muted, blush pink is both luxurious and silky-smooth, and blends in breathtakingly well with both warm and cool tones.

IKEA Henriksdal

IKEA Henriksdal in Madison Ash Dining Chair Covers
IKEA Henriksdal in Madison Ash

The IKEA Henriksdal is the most comfortable of all the dining chairs IKEA has to offer and comes with an elegant touch. For the choice of IKEA Henriksdal dining chair covers, we went with the Madison Ash. The soft, pastel grey of the Madison Ash is a complement to earthy base tones. Throw a deep, navy blue rug under these chairs and the Madison Ash stands out, yet somehow, blends in.

Madison Made-to-Measure

We even have the Madison for custom, made-to-measure, dining chair covers because we thought that everyone should have a feel of the Madison in their dining areas.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Grayson Dining Chair Set
Pottery Barn Grayson Dining Set. Courtesy of

Our Madison dining chair covers extend into our favorite, comfy dining chairs from Pottery Barn. Now, even you can get your Pottery Barn dining chairs feeling like a million bucks with our custom dining chair covers in Madison fabric.


Muji Living and Dining Range Dining Set
Muji Living and Dining Range. Courtesy of

We also have a little something for the Muji minimalists. For those of you with the the Living and Dining range from Muji, we have the dining chair covers that you need under our Muji Living Room/Dining Room Series, complete with the full selection of Madison fabrics.

Custom Dining Chairs

Custom Dining Chair Set
Custom Dining Chair Set. Courtesy of

If you have dining chairs from any other furniture giant, you can still have made-to-measure dining chair covers for them. With a couple of photos and a few measurements, we’d be able to create a set of gorgeous dining chair slipcovers for you in the luxurious Madison fabric range. Just drop us an email at and we’ll help you out.

Get Your Madison Samples

The Madison premium cotton fabric comes in shades of Sand, Rose, Mist, Ash, Coal and Teal. Mist and Sand are on the way, so they should be here pretty soon.

Madison Fabrics Premium Cotton

What are you waiting for? Add a touch of luxury to your dining area with Madison IKEA dining chair covers. And if you need custom dining chair covers, we’ve got you covered too. Browse the rest of our fabric collection if the Madison fabrics aren’t what you’re after by clicking the button below.

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