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  1. Mackenzie
    Mackenzie at | | Reply

    Great review! I’m currently considering the above mentioned sleeper sofas, so this was very useful. One question though: how would you rate these three strictly as sofas? I can’t help but notice that the Friheten seems to have a rather low back to it. How comfortable is that for sitting?

    1. Henry Chandra
      Henry Chandra at | | Reply

      As a sofa itself, i think both moheda and friheten are actually very very similar.
      I think comes down to which style you like better. Moheda and Friheten were modelled exactly like the original Manstad, so they feels exactly the same when sat on actually. Hope that helps – H

  2. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at | | Reply

    Personally the moheda is probably slightly ahead in terms of functionality as a sofa, the other two feels a bit light in weight and somewhat ‘unsubstantial’ if you get what i mean.

    Having said that, we’d consider these 3 to be on the lower end of IKEA’s sofa line-ups, but considering how affordable they are, it’s really hard to fault 🙂

    Hope that helps

  3. SM
    SM at | | Reply

    After 2 days research – online and in-store – I settled on the Friheten and was smacked with buyers remorse so I was glad to read your article – Ah. Now everything is justified. I agree with your review. The only thing is that the The IKEA Moheda was more difficult to convert to the bed than the Friheten and kept coming off the casters. Could have been a one off but you never know. I would say to anyone – make sure you test it first 🙂

    Great review. Thanks!

  4. Rex Curtis
    Rex Curtis at | | Reply

    I’m agonising about the possibility of fitting one of these into my caravah…has anyone done that?

  5. Anthony COCCAGNO
    Anthony COCCAGNO at | | Reply

    Will you or do you have available for sale covers for the new moheda by ikea?

  6. Alina
    Alina at | | Reply

    I have the Moheda couch for over a year and I’ve been looking for slipcovers. There is no such thing!
    Will you guys make Moheda slipcovers? I cannot bear the brown anymore. Pretty please.

  7. Sowmya Balakrishnan
    Sowmya Balakrishnan at | | Reply

    We bought Lugnvik sofa (Red) in December 2013 and I must say we have really fallen in love with it! The seating is comfortable and it very easily converts into a bed and the storage is neat and compact! We evaluated different options for sofa bed at different stores and Lugnvik was the obvious choice in terms of price and utility. We really did not see much of a difference between Lugnvik and Friheten in terms of comfort. We did not think of covers then but we felt it would be really great if IKEA came up with more colour choices for Lugnvik. The black one at the store attracted a lot of lint – the red one did not. So we settled in for the red and used light coloured cushions to tone it down. Assembling was very easy and I must say it was the best buy for its price and we love it!

    1. Henry Chandra
      Henry Chandra at | | Reply

      They are quite practical aren’t they; my personal qualm with the lugnvik is partly because i’m quite lazy once i’m plumped on the sofa and basically i don’t have to get up when my partner needs to access the bed/storage, ill simply roll over to the other side. with the lugnvik, i kinda have to get my bum off the couch 🙂

  8. Cindy
    Cindy at | | Reply

    Have you looked at the Linden convertible sofa bed by Baxton Studio? It looks exactly like the Manstad to me, yet has an additional feature with a hidden tray and cup holders. I would love to see a comparison of this sofa to the others from IKEA, and find out if your slip covers would fit it.

    1. Henry Chandra
      Henry Chandra at | | Reply

      Hey Cindy, Have you got measurements for this? i can give you a quote if you can provide me with its maximum width (furthest points of arms to arms) and a photo sent to
      Speak soon!, H

  9. Akis
    Akis at | | Reply

    Which one is more comfortable kivik or Friheten?

    1. Henry Chandra
      Henry Chandra at | | Reply

      Definitely the Kivik (you’ll need to rotate the sofa every once in a while), but i must say the Friheten definitely more functional with the hidden bed and storage compartment.

  10. Rae
    Rae at | | Reply

    Nice review. We’ve been looking for a slipcover for the Lugnvik model for awhile now. We love the sofa, but the original fabric attracts an absurd amount of dust and hair. Are you able to make a cover that fits the Lugnik model as well? Any suggestions on fabric choice that would alleviate our problem?

    1. Henry Chandra
      Henry Chandra at | | Reply

      The lugnvik’s slipcovers are going through final stages of prototyping at the moment; we’ve been scratching our head as to how we can allow the slipcover to provide access to the bedding as well as the storage compartment. The thing is, the lugnvik sofa ‘transforms’ quite differently to a typical sofa bed where the beds are a pull-out component. Anyhow, keep an eye on this blog post as we’ll be updating it once they’re announced.
      Cheers, H

  11. Khail
    Khail at | | Reply

    I know this is an old(ish). I’m trying to find out the storage dimensions of the Friheten. Thanks to anyone who responds

  12. shauna
    shauna at | | Reply

    I have tested the Lugnvik and the Friheten in the store as I am remodeling my office. Without a doubt the Lugnvik was softer to sit on and to lie on. The Firheten was hard as a rock! I wanted to see the Cerise Friheten, but they had no model and they said I would have to buy it to look in the box. Online I have seen it in so many renditions of pink it scares me. And the sales person kept saying, oh you want to see the HOT PINK one. So I am settling with the Lugnvik in black. From what I am reading, I may be crazy as I have animals. But if I keep on top of using the roller on it, I should be ok. I will let you know how it goes over the next week. And YES! I will love to hear when you make a ski cover for it! 🙂

  13. Ryan
    Ryan at | | Reply

    I have been living with the moheda for 6 months. I looked at the friheten but I wanted to have armrests on both sides. I prefer the moheda and have totally fallen in love with it. My wife scotch guarded the heck out of it when we first bought it because of the no slip cover thing. It still looks new. I pull out the bed section everyday with no issues. The friheten is nice but the moheda seems way more solid. I would recommend it to anyone who wants the benefits of a sectional and a sofa bed but doesn’t have the space and or wants the convenience of pulling out the drawer and popping it up into a bed instead of removing all the cushions and yanking out an uncomfortable spring mattress.

    1. Henry Chandra
      Henry Chandra at | | Reply

      Totally agree with you; i think the friheten was designed for ‘longer’ people so that when they sleep on it their legs wont get blocked by the armrests. If i’m not mistaken, the Moheda was recently discontinued again by IKEA though.

      I think IKEA replaced it with another 2 sofa bed series that actually comes with slipcovers. Here’s our coverage on them new sofabeds:

  14. Andrea
    Andrea at | | Reply

    Any update on Lugnvik slipcovers? I am excitedly awaiting something fresh, bright and machine washable!

  15. Leo
    Leo at | | Reply

    Comfort Works,

    What do you mean exactly by the Friheten “sofa DOES NOT have pipings like the Manstad used to?”

    I’m a bit afraid of Ikea furniture build quality now since my current Ikea couch frame has literally fallen apart.

  16. Rae
    Rae at | | Reply


    I would be interested in the Lugnvik cover even if I needed to take it off whenever I need to transform the sofa to a bed. How do I go about ordering?


  17. Grace
    Grace at | | Reply

    I also have the LUGNVIK sofa bed and would like to know if Rae and you created a solution that I might also purchase?

    Thank you,

  18. Shari kain
    Shari kain at | | Reply

    I have a tan manstad and a charcoal gray freheten.
    Bottom line, they are both used in basically the same shape.
    I’m only keeping 1.
    In your opinion, with grandkids sometime sleeping over my 1100 square foot home, which one would you keep.
    Argument with my daughter needs to be settled.

  19. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    I bought the Friheten and seriously regret it. IT IS HARD!

    I’ve had it for 6 months now and it hasn’t broken in and got softer which I was hoping it would. It is very hard to sit on and even worse to sleep on. I would not recommend this sofabed!

  20. Mae
    Mae at | | Reply

    Has anyone had problems with the pull out part on the Friheten? I just got mine and when I pull it out to make it a sofa, the whole drawer part pulls up and doesn’t give me leverage or tension to pull the cushion up. My boyfriend insists that’s just how it is but it was never like that in the store. I actually loved how smooth it was to maneuver in the store. Any tips?

    1. Felicia Lee
      Felicia Lee at | | Reply

      Hi Mae,
      We have a Manstad that has that same issue, something like when you pull on the straps, the bed compartment just stays in the lowered position and doesn’t rise up and “click” like it does in the store? We haven’t figure out how to fix it, as we’ve been just manually lifting the bed compartment. You might just need to tighten something in the bed mechanism, but if you’re ever in Ikea again it’s best to ask one of the sales reps in person, since the Friheten is still available in their stores 🙂

  21. Maggie
    Maggie at | | Reply

    How do the Friheten and Manstad compare in terms of dimensions? Are they about the same or no?


    1. Chris
      Chris at | | Reply

      Hey Maggie,

      They are roughly about the same but the Friheten is slightly smaller overall.

      The Manstad is 240 cm wide vs the Friheten (with chaise) at 230 cm.
      Depthwise, the Manstad is 155 cm deep including the chaise, vs the Friheten at 151 cm

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