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“How come you guys don’t do custom slipcovers for other brands as well? Aren’t they all slipcover-able?”

Custom Slipcover for PB Basic

Well, the short answer is, we actually do sew these non-IKEA slipcovers or simply couch slipcovers. Just that it’s not something we heavily communicate or advertise via our Slipcover Web Store, mostly because we haven’t found a good systematic method to do it quite yet.

From time to time though, we actually take in some requests with the custom build-from-scratch slipcovers, especially if a client shares the same idea of what a beautiful slipcover should look like 🙂 And of course, we’d like to say “Yes” to all of them and most of the time we do, provided we have the necessary photos and resources to make one for you.

While for the past few years we’ve been mostly known as specialist on custom IKEA slipcovers, at the same time though, we’ve also been trying to emulate our skills into a non-templated sofa the past 2 years or so (quietly that is). 

Below is some recent photos of what we created in the past 12 months or so:

1. This directly below is a custom slipcover made in one of our best-selling fabrics, Liege Biscuit. Liz from Lovegrowswild took a sofa with attached back cushions, hacked it and slipped on one of our covers – the result is as below. Check out her full review here.

Liege Biscuit Custom Slipcovers for Lovegrowswild
Liege Biscuit Custom Slipcovers for Lovegrowswild


2. This below is another similar looking sofa with a client who was actually quite nervous about the project at first, but was convinced that we’d do a good job eventually. Here’s her full review and a snapshot of what she got in the end below:

Custom Slipcovers in Herringbone Cement - MyFabulessLife
Custom Slipcovers in Herringbone Cement – MyFabulessLife


3. The loveseat (2 seater) and couch (3 seater) below are the older version of the Pottery Barn Basic Sofas series; unfortunately Mary couldn’t get PB to sew a new slipcovers for her and after she stumbled upon us after seeing our Ektorp Slipcovers online; she contacted us with “can you guys do the same magic on these sofas?” She then wanted to have an additional touch of customisation by using Contrast Piping/Cording in a Latte color. The end result is a beautiful custom piece with subtle borders that complements her whole setup. This was sewn in Gaia Sand + Gaia Flax piping.

Custom Pottery Barn Basic Sofa Slipcovers - love seat and 3 seater with Contrast Cordings and Box Pleats
Custom Pottery Barn Basic Loveseat and 3 seater with Contrast Cording and Corner Pleats


4. Courtney from Adelaide have had this leather couch in the family for over 15 years she said; it was time for it to go into the dumpster she initially thought until she saw one of slipcovers being featured on IKEAFans and decided to give us a call. Safe to say it was one of the best phone calls she made that week, and 3 weeks later, the new set showed up and shortly after, she sent us this photo below. Awesome Slipcover is awesome!

Bespoke Custom Sofa Slipcovers
New set of clothings that totally change the look of a 20 year old sofa


5. Last 2 photos in the post; these were both custom couch covers as well as custom dining chair covers, we worked out the measurements after exchanging 3-4 emails and confirmed all the details before we went ahead with it; 3 weeks later and voila, hope you guys enjoy the beautiful setup she has in the living space – I personally love the moroccan pouf. Isn’t it great when things just work out? 🙂

Sofa and Dining Chairs After Photo with Comfort Works' Slipcovers
Sofa and Dining Chairs After Photo with Comfort Works’ SlipcoversSofa and Dining Chairs After Photo with Comfort Works' SlipcoversSofa and Dining Chairs After Photo with Comfort Works’ Slipcovers

The steps to getting yourself a handcrafted made-to-measure cover start with sending us a photo and a rough overall width. This is to see if we can make covers for you, and provide a quote.

Alternatively as a ballpark, check out the table below of the charges involved (in the Army Duck or Canvas Cotton GAIA). Note that prices will already include fabrics, workmanship, and any customisations (pleats, pipes, looseness etc).

Shipping worldwide is generally free, but would incur for certain countries along with import duties so do contact us just to be sure 🙂

Price of Our Custom Slipcovers

Sizes Max Width Starting Prices in USD
Footstool up to 100 cm / 39″ $179.00
Dining chair up to 100 cm / 39″ $79.00
Armchair up to 160 cm / 63″ $329.00
2 Seater up to 215 cm / 85″ $449.00
3 Seater up to 260 cm / 102″ $549.00
4 Seater up to 295 cm / 116″ $627.00

Custom Slipcovers definitely aren’t the easiest things to sew especially when communications are done electronically, which is why we’re so fussy with what we can or cannot do, but our promise regardless is that we will always do our best to deliver quality and satisfaction at the end of the day 😉

Getting Custom Slipcovers Made

If you’re interested in getting custom made slipcovers for your sofa and want to know if we can do it for you, check this infographic out:

There are a few other places to check out for a similar solution but with their very own unique take on doing it.

And if you happen to live in Salt Lake City, UT, there’s a very skillful lady by the name of “Shelley” who specializes in slipcovers for couches and throw pillows – check out her blog here.

Let us know if you think you have a cool project you want us to be involved in, we’re all ears; in any case, drop us a message and some photos via to get a convo going 🙂


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Former advertising executive, Henry looks after the day to day operations, logistics and ensuring that most of our marketing dollars are spent on servicing our customers better. Follow Henry on Google+

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  1. Suzy de Lancey
    Suzy de Lancey at | | Reply

    I’m Thinking that I might just sell that couch for a cheaper one and have slipcover made by you.
    I am very serious about this. You are refreshing in this crazy world. If I do have a slipcover
    Made,it will be your great company. Do you know that I wasn’t even looking at slipcovers or
    Furniture? I just turned on my Air IPAD and there you were!!! Suzy de lancey

  2. Marie
    Marie at | | Reply

    I have a leather sofa and loveseat i want to cover in all white slip covers is this possible.

  3. Christine
    Christine at | | Reply

    I have a Harborside Swivel chair from Crate and Barrel. Have you ever made covers for these very popular chairs?

  4. Elsa Snape
    Elsa Snape at | | Reply

    I would like a quote to make a slip cover for my lounge

  5. Sara
    Sara at | | Reply

    Hi! Can you copy an existing slipcover if I ship one to you?

    1. Chuck Lau
      Chuck Lau at | | Reply

      Hey Sara!

      Technically we can, but shipping costs would increase the overall cost of your project making it somewhat costly – nonetheless do send us a photo of your sofa to

      If it’s something we can do, we’ll let you know how to proceed from there accordingly 🙂


  6. gina grant
    gina grant at | | Reply

    I have a dark brown sectional that I have been trying to find someone to make slip cover for in off white for spring and summer. Would you consider the project?

    1. Chuck Lau
      Chuck Lau at | | Reply

      Hey Gina!

      Could you send a photo to us at ? Basically we’ll work from there to see if we can make beautiful custom slipcovers for it 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. love seat slip covers
    love seat slip covers at | | Reply

    I enjoy what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!

    Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve you guys to my blogroll.

    1. Chuck Lau
      Chuck Lau at | | Reply

      Thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

  8. Yolande Walker
    Yolande Walker at | | Reply

    Dear Comfort Works,
    I have a single seat and a 2 seat sofa that have slip covers. I would be happy to send the existing slip covers and cushion covers to you so you could use them as the pattern to make some new ones for me. (So they fit perfectly.)
    Have you done this before?
    Yolande Walker

    1. Chuck Lau
      Chuck Lau at | | Reply

      Hi Yolande,

      We have in fact done this before but logistically it is quite a nightmare, mostly because of shipping costs. Should you send your covers to us, it will be at your own cost and you’ll be without slipcovers for a good 3-4 weeks at least.

      This is why we’d rather have our services completely online and ask for photos to see if a slipcover can easily be made solely through measurements firstly – otherwise we might advise to have it done locally due to the complexity of your furniture.

      Hope this makes sense, if you’d like to take the first step – kindly send a photo of your sofa to and we’ll proceed the journey of a custom sofa slipcover from there 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  9. Shelley Buhler
    Shelley Buhler at | | Reply

    Have you done a cover before for a Pottery Barn Comfort sleeper sofa? Wondering if you have a pattern for that already.


    1. Chris
      Chris at | | Reply

      Hey Shelley,

      Is that the Comfort Roll Arm or the Comfort Square Arm sleeper? Drop me an email at and we can sort out a slipcover for you 🙂

  10. Toni Gorveatt
    Toni Gorveatt at | | Reply

    I have a crate and barrell harbored Apartment Sofa. Have you covered that before? I would like to recover in a denim fabric.

    1. Chuck
      Chuck at | | Reply

      Hey Toni!

      Would this be what you’re referring to:

      We haven’t covered that before, but we’re definitely able to create a slipcover made-to-measure if you’re up for it 🙂

      Drop us an email at and one of us will help you get started – if you haven’t already do get some fabric samples first maybe:

      Hope to hear from you soon!

  11. Barbara Hilson
    Barbara Hilson at | | Reply

    My daughter has a West Elm Hamilton sofa that her kitty has shredded. Do you think you could create a cover with just pictures and measurements?

    1. Chris
      Chris at | | Reply

      Hey Barbara,

      Is this the sofa in question?

      That’s very slipcoverable, we could do it completely custom with some photos and measurements. Drop us an email at with some photos (check out our photo guide for which angles we need) and we’ll help you or your daughter get started.

      I’d also pick up a pack of samples if I was you, nothing better than touching and seeing the fabrics in person.

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