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cat proof cat tree

7 Proven Ways to Cat-Proof Your Sofa

Cats don’t know - or care, for that matter - that they aren’t supposed to shred your couch or shed all over the cushions. To them, everything in the house is cat furniture. So how do you protect...
The Complete IKEA Strandmon Armchair Review

The Complete IKEA Strandmon Armchair Review

Everyone loves a good armchair. The comfort, the ample space, the privacy, what's not to like? Remember back in the 50s when the wingbacks were all the rage? Well, the trend seems to be back in...
Comfort Works - Velvet Sofa Covers Online

5 Reasons to Buy Your Velvet Sofa Covers Online

Having a luxurious, velvet sofa is almost everyone's dream. Just the idea of the soft pile and the velvet sheen is so inviting. No one can resist a velvet slipcovered sofa, sitting in a store window....

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