Top 3 Reasons to Save your Sofa this Earth Day!

earth day 2017

What will you be doing this April 22, 2017? How about saving your sofa this Earth day? Every year, families around the world would one day wonder, “where should my old sofa go?”. And it’s painfully sad that we should have the mindset of throwing away the sofa instead of trying to salvage it. And we aren’t even talking about… Read more →

Muji Beads Sofa (Or Bean Bag Cushion) Review

Muji Beads Sofa with Girl Lying on Top

Stone the crows, it’s a bean bag mate. And a bloody comfortable one at it. This is our review of Muji’s Bean Bag Cushion, or as you lot call it, the Beads Sofa. I hear the Seppos call it the Body Fit Cushion ey. OVERVIEW Muji is this Japanese brand which means no-brand, quality goods. And they mean it. Big… Read more →

Velvet Sofa Covers – Style over Practicality? We Don’t Think So!

Karlstad Slipcovers in Rouge Emerald fabric with piping by Comfort Works

It’s been less than 6 months since we launched our new velvet fabrics for slipcovers and we’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing reception and responses we’ve been getting from everyone. We’ve been fielding questions left and right about this, including concerns about how practical the fabric can be for sofa covers. In case you’re wondering, yes, these slipcovers can be taken off and machine… Read more →

5 Sustainable Ways to Create a Better Living/Work Space

Karlstad armchair Gaia White

Many people would tell you that you can arrange tables or paint the walls a different colour to maximise productivity. But as a general rule of thumb – here are 5 ways that you should always remember if you want a better environment to work or live in.   1. Renovate Actually this should be the very last resort if… Read more →

IKEA’s Ektorp Sofa Hack – How We Modernised A Classic

A cute Triceratops on top of the armrest of an Ektorp sofa with a custom sofa cover set in Shire Rust by Comfort Works

Everyone knows the Ektorp sofa. Pleated long-skirt, round arms, a classic look. Is it too dated and unfashionable? I say ‘Yes’, but it doesn’t have to be! But first… But how? With minimal work, that’s how. Simply obtain a set of customised slipcovers, or sofa covers for the non-US, for your Ektorp sofa. We are unashamedly the best (read: only)… Read more →

How To Put On A Slipcover On Your Ektorp sofa

Ektorp slipcover in Rouge Blush by Comfort Works

“Help, help! How do I put my Ektorp sofa covers on my sofa?” We get this question sometimes, and it’s always been an interesting question to ponder because it’s actually really easy. It’s normally a simple process to pull off your old slipcovers and put new ones on, but we’ve put together a step-by-step video on how slipcovers can be… Read more →

Tufting Klippan Hack – Be Emerald Green with Envy!

Klippan Slipcover Tufting Hack

With St Patrick’s day coming up and 2017’s Pantone colour of the year, we’ve decided to bring in a hack for all lovers of the colour – Green. And what better way to do it then to showcase it alongside our Rouge Emerald velvet slipcover, upgraded with new legs and Chesterfield-inspired sofa tufting. But first, here’s what inspired us to… Read more →

Custom Slipcovers and Loose Cover for any Sofa model – Order Online

Liege Biscuit Custom Slipcovers for Lovegrowswild

More and more often we get customers who come in with requests such as: “How come you guys don’t do custom slipcovers for other brands as well? Aren’t they all slipcover-able?” Well, the short answer is, we actually do sew these non-IKEA slipcovers or simply couch slipcovers. Just that it’s not something we heavily communicate or advertise via our Slipcover… Read more →