Pets Don’t Belong On A Sofa, Here’s Why

Pets Don't Belong On A Sofa, Here's Why

Seriously, they don’t belong on a couch and cuddling with you. Or even furniture in general, like beds / armchairs. No, not even if they give you the puppy eyes. Off the couch, Fido! And let’s not get started about cats and sofas. But why? Oh, let’s see… 1) Fleas! Yup. Fleas. Think that looks small and not a problem?… Read more →

Why can’t you have nice things when you have a cat?

cat didnt do it

We often receive questions like this: Which fabric is best if I have cats? Which of your fabrics can withstand a cat’s scratching? Do you have a fabric which is comfortable, and durable against cat’s claws? My cat’s fur sticks to everything. Which of your fabrics attracts the least amount of fur? Let’s face it, the real question on the… Read more →

Where to Get Replacement Cushion Foam Inserts

Where to Get Replacement Cushion Foam Inserts

Did you know you could purchase replacement cushion foam inserts? It’s a nifty way of restoring your sofa, just like a custom slipcover! Especially as the cushions are the first victims of wear & tear. But first, a few comments on the types of cushions and cushion fillers that you would have on your sofa. Feather Firm to start off,… Read more →

14 Inspirational Elements of a Scandi Home

14 Inspirational Elements of a Scandi Home

Scandinavian style is something we take inspiration from regularly. From the great furniture designers of the sixties to the contemporary interior designers of today, there’s something about the style of the region that makes their interiors so distinctively beautiful and cosy. To inspire the designer in you, we’ve compiled a list of a pretty pictures of Scandi-inspired interiors. Enjoy! 1)… Read more →

IKEA Tidafors Sofa Slipcover Hack

Tidafors Sofa Before the Hack

A little bit sick of the way your Tidafors sofa looks, and want to give it a makeover? Thinking of having it re-upholstered but don’t want to spend thousands? Well a little DIY, persistence and slipcovers from Comfort Works may help you do just that. Here’s the original sofa: If you want to skip the post to see the after,… Read more →

6 Ways to Save Thousands When Shopping for Furniture

online bargain shopping

Besides going to just IKEA, which is not that cheap by the way – there are actually other ways to save thousands of dollars when shopping for furniture. Moving in to your new place can be daunting, especially when it comes completely unfurnished but it can really be fun to play “interior designer” at times. The problem is making sure… Read more →

IKEA Alternatives – Just Because You Can!

CB2's amazing outdoor collection

Do you have IKEA fatigue? Maybe you’re bored of IKEA, or maybe you just hate the experience of shopping there, but we thought it’s definitely worth the time to share with you some of our alternatives to shopping at the big blue Swedish store.   1. Craigslist / Gumtree These two sites are probably most well known in the English-speaking… Read more →

Top 3 Reasons to Save your Sofa this Earth Day!

earth day 2017

What will you be doing this April 22, 2017? How about saving your sofa this Earth day? Every year, families around the world would one day wonder, “where should my old sofa go?”. And it’s painfully sad that we should have the mindset of throwing away the sofa instead of trying to salvage it. And we aren’t even talking about… Read more →