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  1. Custom Manstad Sofa Bed Slipcover is here! – Comfort Works | Comfort Works Blog

    [...] The first is our SNUG FIT version (which is featured in this blog post) and the second is our LOOSE FIT version (available: read blog post here.) [...]

  2. Mari
    Mari at |

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I have the older version of the Manstad sofa, the Fagelbo. I would love to have one of these slipcovers made for it. Is that something you could do? The Fagelbo is very similar to the Manstad, but it has pillows on the chaise side, and a slightly different shape to the back.

  3. Johanna
    Johanna at |

    Finally! I’ve been longing for this moment!

    But tell me, is the bed-part also covered? I almost always have the sofa made up like a bed, it’s great if you have friends over for film, like a huge chaise lounge!

  4. Tracy
    Tracy at |

    Same question re: the Fagelbo – it is slightly different, will this slipcover fit?

  5. New Slipcovers for MANSTAD from Comfortworks » IKEA FANS | THE IKEA Fan Community
    New Slipcovers for MANSTAD from Comfortworks » IKEA FANS | THE IKEA Fan Community at |

    [...] Loose fit linen slipcovers from Comfort Works [...]

  6. Steve
    Steve at |

    I am so excited! But I don’t see how to choose between LOOSE or SNUG fit Manstad covers on the order page. Can you explain? Also I have a few questions:

    -Are both the SNUG and LOOSE fit covers available to purchase online now?

    -Regarding LOOSE fit covers, I am a little unclear about the fabric choices, could you clarify?
    -Regarding LOOSE covers, How many pieces total are there? Is it just one big piece for the sofa, and then three for the cushions?
    -Regarding LOOSE covers, how is the storage compartment accessed? Does the sip cover need to be moved or adjusted?
    -Regarding LOOSE covers, how is the BED accessed? Does the slip cover need to be moved or adjusted? Is there a “Flap”?
    -Can the LOOSE cover be customized in some way to NOT have the pleated corner skirts? I am looking for a “sleeker” look, but still with the “loose” style?

  7. cassie shaw
    cassie shaw at |

    do you make custom covers for any couch? we’re looking at buying a big corner lounge with a sofa bed and i would love a loose fit cover made for it.

  8. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    I have the same question that was asked above, but answered in private email. I love the look of this, but how does it work with the bed part? Is the bed part also covered? Do I have to take the slipcover off to make the Manstad into a bed? Thanks!

  9. How we make our custom sofa slipcovers. | Comfort Works Blog

    [...] In this section, we take you behind the scenes to learn more about the production of a Manstad Loose Fit sofa slipcover in Lino Brushed. [...]

  10. Manstad sofa bed slipcover in Nomad Black – Comfort Works

    [...] Manstad Loose-Fit Slip co… [...]

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