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  1. Nanci
    Nanci at |

    We purchased the three seater in black in Spring 2010. We loved it until we realized that the chaise cushion always looks like it’s 5 inches longer than the base. Then the first spill occurred. We were told by the sales person that the covers were washable when we asked. We know who we are and the only reason we want cushion covers that come off is to wash them. We used cold water on a towel and the color came off of the fabric as we blotted the spill. No lie. We took the cover off and found it says dry clean only. We are heart broken and looking for a cost efficient solution to this problem. I will contact Ikea to see if they have covers that are washable. We liked the black so much. Most likely I will not purchase from Ikea again.

  2. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    Nanci, very important to make sure you go through the care labelling when purchasing off the shelf. Poly-Cotton are generally the best possible combo for uphosltery fabric and will also be very color fast. The good news is, there’re a lot of cheap ‘AS-IS’ covers from IKEA can be purchased via Ebay, you might want to explore this option. CHeers, Henry@CW

  3. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    I prefer the dry-clean-only covers because they are more stain resistant than the washable covers. I use the home dry cleaning kits from Woolite or Dryel to freshen the covers, and dry cleaning fluid to spot clean the covers.

  4. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    Stephanie, are you referring to those ‘towels’ you throw inside the dryer along with the covers? unfortunately it’s not something that’s readily available on most people’s local supermarkets – but hey, lucky you if you can get them easily.

  5. Lisa Wahlestedt
    Lisa Wahlestedt at |

    I am writing to warn people about this sofa. I think it is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat on. Not fun to put together either. Got the teno gray covers and they itch. Its so bad I wrote IKEA and asked them to haul it away for free.

  6. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    I have to agree with you on the teno gray, they do kinda feel like a coffee sack don’t they.

    Now, I don’t mean to sound like we’re trying to sell you anything, but did you know you can order them without the ‘default’ IKEA covers?

  7. Hubs
    Hubs at |

    I recently purchased the kivik and while it was love at first sight in the showroom when I brought it home I was disappointed at the lack of comfortability. The seats are too low where you can’t even rest your head on and the cushions are also stiff and hard. Stylish yes. Comfortable. Not so much.

  8. Emily Kate Siciliano
    Emily Kate Siciliano at |

    I was so glad to find reviews of the Kivik series, since Ikea has not instituted this process on its own website. I wonder what they’re afraid of. Ok, so I do not own a Kivik sofa. I am very interested in buying one, but my significant other is bulky at about 250-280? Lbs. and has a prosthesis which makes him kind of fall into the sofa with a lot of pressure- I know the frame is not solid wood, and so I’m looking for info and opinions from owners on stability and strength. I like the cushioned arms, and length, does anyone have the Dansbo dark grey upholstery? Wondering if this one is itchy. Thank you!!

  9. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    I think the worse part is actually the sinking cushions on both the seats and backs; caught myself rotating them once a week cause i feel like i’m being sucked into the center of the sofa :\

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  11. Diana B
    Diana B at |

    I love my Kivik sectionals in Tranas Lt. brown (covers no longer available at Ikea). They are very comfortable. I put two one seaters together as a couch. I have house guests who love sleeping in them.

  12. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    That’s pretty cool, we have 2 chaise lounge stuck together at home in front of the TV; can’t get any cozier than that for a lazy movie nights :D

  13. Genie
    Genie at |

    I managed to get a few fantastic outdoor
    shelves from Screwfix a little bit ago and they
    are awesome! I am able to put plants on top of or
    plastic bins of the kids toys as well as placemat settings for the outside table.
    Really like them.

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  16. Cristina
    Cristina at |

    Hi Henry! I’m looking into getting precisely the two Kivik chaises to put together in front of the TV – but my husband is worried about the no armrest thing… Personally I think the Kivik armrest is so low, we won’t miss it, but I’m wondering what your experience has been?

  17. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    Cristina, why would you need armrests if you can lean over and snuggle up :)
    The kivik chaises dont really come with armrests though, you might need to get a 2 seater/3 seater if you want them, don’t think they’re sold separately also.

    Alternatively, you can get the 1 seater + footstool, i think it might be more versatile(has storage compartment) in case you want to break them apart etc.

    Personally though, the only time armrests are useful if they’re on an armchair, we have 3-4 scatter cushions on all over our sofas in our office and i think they make much better armrests compared to the fixed ones (some like it low, some high, some wide etc, so i guess it all comes down to preference also).

    Have you seen our colorful photo shoot on the kiviks?
    Speak soon!

  18. Brooke
    Brooke at |

    I bought this sofa when i bought my home. It is very bulky and the assembly took forever. I recommend getting it delivered and set up. Also, I agree w/ the above mentioned review… the armrest is simply too low! And i feel like the enitre sofa needs to have feet that way its not so low to the ground. Very uncomfortable

  19. Henry Chandra
    Henry Chandra at |

    Brooke, We get this feeling svery single time we assemble an ikea sofa ourselves, 4 hours later you look back and thought, maybe that $50 assembly fee isn’t too bad after all heh :)

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