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  1. Sally
    Sally at |

    Question: I have the Ektorp 3 seat sofa and loveseat in leather. I would like to change it up during the summer. Is there any way to put a slip cover on these couches? The bottom cushions are attached. Ugh…

  2. yolanda
    yolanda at |

    I am looking for a slip cover in the following dimensions Ektorp sectional.
    3 cushioned couch is 91.5 inches long , 30 inches high, Cushions are 29″ deep x 24″
    2 cushion couch is 57″long end arms are 37″
    do you make slipcovers in these dimensions.

    From what I understand this is an older style of the Extorp 5 cushion total.
    Thank you

  3. Chuck Lau
    Chuck Lau at |

    Hi there Yolanda!

    I don’t think we’ve done/seen an Ektorp sectional quite as you described — could you kindly shoot us a photo over to see if we’ll be able to help you out? Our email’s :)

    Thanks and speak soon!

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