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  1. Sally
    Sally at |

    Question: I have the Ektorp 3 seat sofa and loveseat in leather. I would like to change it up during the summer. Is there any way to put a slip cover on these couches? The bottom cushions are attached. Ugh…

  2. yolanda
    yolanda at |

    I am looking for a slip cover in the following dimensions Ektorp sectional.
    3 cushioned couch is 91.5 inches long , 30 inches high, Cushions are 29″ deep x 24″
    2 cushion couch is 57″long end arms are 37″
    do you make slipcovers in these dimensions.

    From what I understand this is an older style of the Extorp 5 cushion total.
    Thank you

  3. leah derby
    leah derby at |

    I purchased an ikea ektorp cover to fit my old (what I thought was ektorp) loveseat. It almost fits, but doesn’t make it. The loveseat is just a bit deeper, like maybe 3 or 4 inches, than the cover. Other than that things seem right on. Has ikea changed their sizing of the emptor loveseat in past 10 years?

  4. Chuck Lau
    Chuck Lau at |

    Hi Leah!

    It seems that IKEA did mention that the Ektorp Sofa Bed might have changed, but the Ektorp 2 seater should have been the same throughout the years so most likely your sofa might not be the Ektorp after all. Typically when an IKEA sofa model changes, the name changes with it as far as we know :)

    If you’re interested in a custom fitting cover we can make it for you, just shoot us a photo to [email protected]


  5. Bronwin
    Bronwin at |

    I bought an IKEA Ektorp 3 seater sofa in 2000 and when I bought a replacement sofa cover from Ikea it no longer fit. Do you happen to know the dimensions of that sofa in 2000 (it didn’t have a chaise lounge – was a 3 seater, not sofa bed)?


  6. Claire
    Claire at |

    Do you know if the Ektorp loveseat slipcovers will fit the 2 seater Ektorp sofa bed?

  7. Chuck Lau
    Chuck Lau at |

    Hi Claire,

    Unfortunately they wouldn’t fit as the sizes are completely different – the Ektorp 2 seat sofa bed is larger than the regular loveseat.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Donna
    Donna at |

    I have an Ektorp 2 seater (not sofa bed) that needs a new cover. The measurements are approximately. Sent pictures to Ikea who confirmed this was Ektorp…not year.

    62 width across the back
    33.5 height from the floor
    40 depth along the side

    The cushion seat is 31.5

    The replacement cover I purchased does not fit. Not sure of the year. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  9. Chuck Lau
    Chuck Lau at |
  10. vivian
    vivian at |

    i have an ektorp, don’t really know how many seaters it is. it’s length is 195cm, it’s a sofa bed. i wish to have the cover replaced. please let me know if i can by any chance getting 2 or 3. whatever colours are ok…

  11. Chuck Lau
    Chuck Lau at |

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